Center for Community Engagement

Amherst College Employee Engagement: Telling Our Stories; Celebrating Our Contributions

Please take a few minutes to tell us about what you do to contribute to building strong, vibrant communities locally and around the world.  Your responses can be confidential if you prefer, though we hope you are willing to include your name so we can share your story with others.

We are interested in hearing about the community engagement you've been doing. Please use the space below to tell us about the community engagement you've done this past year. We'd love to know what you do, the difference your work makes, and why this is important you. If you haven't participated in community engagement work this past year, please feel free to describe any work you've done in the past.
Please use this space if you'd like to nominate another Amherst employee whose community engagement work you think should be recognized. If you'd like, tell us why you're nominating this person. We will contact anyone who is nominated and will get their permission before sharing their story with the campus community.
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