Center for Community Engagement


Summer interns at the Amherst Survival Center working in the kitchenPioneer Valley Citizen Summer InternsCarlos Gonzalez at his internship with the Midwest Academy in ChicagoTatiana Hill 16 with Holyoke Mayor Alex Morse

The Center for Community Engagement's summer internship programs allow students to extend their exploration of community issues beyond the Amherst campus. These programs immerse students in community engagement work, provide funding for basic living expenses, and offer opportunities to network with alumni and fellow interns. Explore all four programs below.

Civic Engagement Scholars

The Civic Engagement Scholars (CES) program is a competitive program for first-years, sophomores, and juniors that offers students the chance to connect their academic programs of study with internship opportunities around the world.

Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer

Pioneer Valley Citizen Summer (PVCS) is a summer internship program for first-years, sophomores, and juniors located in the Pioneer Valley. It is designed to provide students an opportunity to gain practical work experience and learn more about civic and community engagement.

Vela Summer Scholars

The Vela Scholars program is a year-round partnership between Amherst College and Amherst Regional Middle School designed to help students "rise and grow" to their full potential. During the summer, a team of Amherst interns facilitate a five-week intensive enrichment program for incoming seventh and eighth graders.

Internship Sites at a Glance

Looking for a bit of internship inspiration? Browse a list of organizations where Amherst students frequently intern.