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Recent Amherst Select Internships

Internship Postcards: Amelia Moore '14

Last winter, Washington, D.C. native Amelia Moore ’14 and her mother, Bradley Clements ’84, took a slightly unusual vacation. The mother-daughter team flew to Nairobi, Kenya, with the sole purpose of volunteering in Kibera— one of the largest slums in Africa. Moore was making good on a promise she’d made to Ken Okoth, her former high school history teacher and the founder of the Children of Kibera Foundation. Okoth, who grew up in Kibera, founded the non-profit in 2006 to “expand access to quality education” for the children living in the slum. For two weeks, Moore taught art classes while her mother taught reading. Read more

Internship Postcards: Adoma Manful '12

Adoma Manful ’12’s internship with the American Cancer Society-Illinois (ACS) in Chicago, Illinois, was not her first time immersed in the field of healthcare. In high school, Manful devoted an entire summer as an emergency room volunteer in a small hospital near her hometown of Accra, Ghana: observing surgeries, assisting in the maternal ward— basically, helping anywhere she could. This summer, Manful was intentionally seeking an opportunity that would allow her to work with and for patients, and the ACS’s dedication to patient care was a real draw. “[The ACS] really goes the distance. They do anything and everything they can to get the patient the care s/he needs.” Read more