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Submitted by Maxwell J. Suechting on Tuesday, 6/30/2009, at 5:46 PM

I like technology; really, I do. I like digital cameras, and handheld recorders, and cell phones, and all sorts of things like that. I’m an electronics musician who regularly sets up and untangles  a million devices and cables, or sits up until the wee hours of the AM connecting virtual lines to virtual sliders and virtual boxes.

With that in mind – I don’t think it’s technophobic to be wary of it. (Technology, that is.) I worry that personal interaction is largely being replaced by virtual interaction (texts, facebook, twitter, etc.). Sometimes it seems as if the emphasis gets shifted from how one is to how one appears. There’s an artificiality about it that really throws me.

I dunno. Maybe it’s just me. I like letters and vinyl records and early free jazz and old furniture too, so maybe I’m just dragging my heels.

But! In any case – if I want to use things like this (blogs, facebook, myspace, and so forth)  while actively trying to avoid living in them, creating a virtual (and at least a little misleading) Max Suechting, then this blog ought to serve readers interested in what I’m doing, rather than to highlight all the fun little thoughts I have. (Incidentally, if you want to find some of my thoughts and even a touch of my budding jazz criticism, you can check it out at SHORTER, FASTER, LOUDER.)

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for another post shortly.