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Quotes from 2017 Design Thinking Challenge participants:

“The Design Thinking Challenge has transformed my perception of Amherst, myself, and how I work on projects. The skills that the Design Thinking Challenge taught us would be invaluable to any Amherst student. This is what a liberal arts education is all about. Developing intuition, sensitivity, insight, awareness, and innovation.”

“Learning about design thinking has changed the way I approach problems. Design thinking has taught me to be more empathetic, holistic, and creative when faced with various issues. I have also learned and experienced how the process of understanding and attempting to solve a complex issue is just as important as the solution itself.”

“The Design Thinking Challenge bridged a gap in my learning at Amherst College: An opportunity to work in a team on a self guided exploration toward the goal of addressing  challenge in our community. This project helped me to learn real world skills like team management as well as flexibility in the definition of success.”