Center for Community Engagement

Internship Job Description

The job description that you create for your internship position should clearly lay out your expectations of what an intern will be doing for your organization and what qualifications they should have.

A good job description helps to ensure that your organization’s needs will be meet and it helps to ensure that students know exactly what is expected of them.

In Your Job Description, Be Sure to Include

A Detailed Internship Description

  • What will the student will be doing? Be as specific as possible.
  • What goals or outcomes are expected of the student if any?
  • What projects will you expect that student to work on or complete?
  • Will the student be working on multiple projects or just one?
  • Will the student be working in one location or multiple locations?

Expected Intern Qualifications

  • What should the student know or have experience with that would help them to excel at the job? This could be the ability to work independently, speak multiple languages, know how to use computer software, etc. 

If you are ready to submit your job description, please click here. Be sure to fill out the entire form to the best of your ability.

Please submit your job description online here no later than February 3, 2014.