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Firelight Initiative Blogs

Submitted by Jennifer E. Morgan on Thursday, 6/9/2011, at 4:31 PM

This summer, you'll be blogging as part of your Citizen Summer internship experience. You'll blog with a cohort of your peers from the internship program, along with the team from the Firelight Initiative. Please search below to find your blog cohort and the theme of your summer blog. Happy blogging!


Kayla Smith
Clay Andrews
Dylan Volz
Tinsae Zerihun
Dresdiana Mavindidze
Shay Cato
Nicole Sanches
Nedia Morsy
Owanate Briggs

Amber Khan
Amina Taylor
Stephen Koenig
Madison Cortez
Diana Babineau
Alex Gomes
Mary Katherine McNeill
Khali Grell


Isabelle D'Arcy
Danielle Cole
Yinka Fakoya
Persie Gijima
Antoineen White
Bongani Ndlovu
Chris Erickson
Katrin Marquez


Ashley McCall
Christine Lyons
Anna Quan
Dylan Vasey
Esther Fevrier
Rebecca Wettick
Sunny Xiao
Sam Feldman
Khadeejah Ahmad