Center for Community Engagement

2nd Week: Dresdiana

Submitted by Dresdina Mavindidze on Thursday, 6/23/2011, at 9:44 AM

 As an intern with the Trustees, my position entails doing all sorts of random things, I could say from anything to everything. Each morning on my way to work I try to imagine what I will be doing for that day, and at the end of the day on my way back home I wonder what the next day holds in store. I also think about a long term project that I was assigned to work on.Next to Little Tom Mountain is an abandoned quarry that is going to be part of the property for the Trustees of Reservations. Not only does it make the scenery look ugly but also it poses as a hazard for people and other forms of life. Underway is a scheme to reclaim and restore that land, in ways that are possible, realistic and somewhat cheap, but still effective. The advent of technology would suggest that the land can be leveled out with the use of a topsoil screener, a device that has proved to be very handy even in the most heavy-duty situations. Once reclaimed, the land can be used as a residential or even commercial building site.As far as this is concerned,writing a research paper on other suggested ways of restoring a quarry is a project that I am still to start.