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Recent PVCS Internships

Internship Postcards: Theo Agbi '15

Theophilus (Theo) Agbi ’15 didn’t start out looking for an internship in local government, but he’s pretty glad he found one. The rising sophomore from Brooklyn, New York had initially wanted to spend his summer focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights, citing marriage equality, bullying, and workplace discrimination as the issues closest to his heart. When his search failed to turn up such an internship, Agbi had a bit of a revelation. "The more I started looking up LGBT rights and learning about the policy behind [them], I started to realize that the thing that interests me is government— politics and how it all works." Read more

Internship Postcards: Christine Lyons '12E

Christine Lyons ‘12E has always wanted to be a teacher. Her 2011 summer internship with the Literacy Project was Lyons' fourth educational internship since she's been an Amherst student— and her second one with the Literacy Project. She developed and taught her own physics unit, created a grammar curriculum, and helped out with the morning basic education classes. “Trying to meet the needs of different types of learners was my biggest challenge. The students have tremendous strengths and multiple types of intelligences. I’ve tried to tailor my lessons to their strengths.” Read more

Internship Postcards: Alex Gomes Pereira ’12


Alex Gomes Pereira ’12 discovered his passion for immigration issues during a 2010 internship with the Massachusetts State House in Boston. After taking every possible class he could find on immigration the following year, he decided he wanted to more fully engage with the subject in the summer of 2011. When he found the Center for New Americans, he knew he didn't have to look any further. He explains that the challenges faced by new immigrants are most informed by “whether or not they are documented." Read more