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Internship Postcards: Roshard Bryant '14E

If you spend time with Roshard Bryant ‘14E, you'll quickly learn three things: he has infinite reserves of energy, an effortless ability to work with people, and genuine passion for everything he does. Not a bad combination for someone who thinks he wants to be an educator. Bryant, a black studies major from the Bronx, New York, teamed up with eight other Amherst College students this July to intern with the Vela Scholars. Read more

Voices from Our Schools: Dan Freije '11 and Noelle Niu '14 discuss Vela Scholars

Guest host Kimberly Stender speaks with Dan Freije, ARMS Americorps member, and Noelle Niu, Amherst College student, about the VELA Scholars school year and summer programs at Amherst Regional Middle School. More

Internship Postcards: Emma Vaimberg '14

Emma Vaimberg ‘14 was an after-school tutor for the Vela Scholars program during the spring semester this year, and she eagerly jumped at the opportunity to join the team of interns who brought the summer program to life. Vaimberg, a pre-med sophomore from Westport, Connecticut, says the internship surprised her. “Working with the kids is not what I expected. It’s tiring, but it feels really good at the end of the day. When a kid really wants to keep working on a project, you feel accomplished.” Read more

Voices from Our Schools: Vela Scholars

Guests Michael Hayes, Principal of Amherst Regional Middle School, Joel Singley, Vela Scholars Program Coordinator, and Karen Lee Miller, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Leadership at the Center for Community Engagement at Amherst College, join Superintendent Maria Geryk to discuss the Vela Scholars Program at the middle school. More