Center for Community Engagement

Internship Overview

Interns for the Vela Summer Scholars program work in a team of interns to support and facilitate a five week intensive enrichment program for incoming seventh and eighth graders. As compensation for their time, interns receive on-campus housing during the month they work and a $1,200 stipend.

The goals of the Vela Summer Scholars program are to increase students’ academic outcomes, improve MCAS exam scores, and strengthen students’ connection to the school and local community.

A typical day in the Vela Summer Scholars program includes four hours of classroom time with middle school students and teachers, lunch, one or two hours of intern-led social, cultural and/or and community engagement enrichment activities, and two hours of preparation for the following day.

Expectations of Summer Interns

  • Participate in a one-week training program that will include: lesson-plan development, cultural diversity in the classroom, and classroom management
  • Assist teachers in a classroom during the Vela Scholars summer program 
  • Help implement curriculum, monitor student progress, and recognize student achievements
  • Develop and teach lesson plans with the aid of advising teacher
  • Mentor public school students by participating in all academic and enrichment activities  
  • Participate in weekly reflection sessions
  • Complete related reading and writing as assigned throughout the program
  • Participate in data collection and evaluation of program

Types of Educational Activites Interns Have Lead

  • Designing and building marble roller coasters
  • Constructing solar ovens
  • Using physical changes to make rock candy
  • Using salt and the science of freezing point depression to make ice cream
  • Creating annotated self portraits
  • Creating recycled art
  • Playing improvisation games
  • Practicing watercolor techniques

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