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Nazir Ahmad '82

Nazir Ahmad ’82

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Ahmad brought international activism and engagement to the forefront of his Amherst career- among other things, he hosted a radio show featuring international voices and ran an anti-apartheid campaign in Western Massachusetts.

Pam Allyn '84

Pam Allyn ’84

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A true bibliophile, Allyn began her tireless career in promoting literacy at Amherst by leading weekly reading sessions with children in Holyoke.

Rosanne Haggerty '82

Rosanne Haggerty ’82

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 Haggerty draws a direct link between her academic interests at Amherst—studying the progressive movement in America and the social critiques of Thomas Merton—and her life's work of ending homelessness.

Kate Silbaugh '85 et al 2

Kate Silbaugh '85 et al

Women of 1985

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Propelled by an unevenly adjudicated sexual harassment case on campus, these eleven women from the class of 1985 staged with two hundred other women a day-long sit-in in President Pouncey's office, winning a campus sexual harassment policy.