Center for Community Engagement


Yohanna Briscoe ’10

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Briscoe's Amherst careerincluding the decision to major in Black Studieswas defined by four years of working with Community Outreach and later the CCE.

Jenny Lue ’09

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A mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters and a frequent intern at Project Sunshine, Lue focused on leadership and lasting relationships in her engagement at Amherst.

Sarah Marks ’09

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After the Community Outreach office transformed into the Center for Community Engagement, Marks became the very first Training and Enrichment Coordinator for the Community Engagement Leader Program.

Destry Sibley ’09

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A seasoned on- and off-campus activist, Sibley's most transformative experiences allowed her to connect academics and activism, including courses such as Reading, Writing, and Teaching, and researching ultra-poverty in Bangladesh for her senior thesis.