Center for Community Engagement

Athletics Liaisons

The Athletics Liaisons work to create a sustainable culture of community engagement within the Athletics Department. This involves appealing to the passions of the individuals and teams, creating long-lasting bonds between the community, teams, and local organizations, and making athletes' community engagement work more visible.

Specifically, most of the day-to-day work of an Athletics Liaison is organizational and managerial. The Athletics Liaisons send numerous emails, meet as a group to discuss strategies and plans with CCE staff and work to hire, advise and supervise the Athletics Team Engagement Leaders (ATELs). The Athletics Liaisons strive to make the community engagement efforts of the athletic department visible through campus media. They also devote much time to the planning of the annual ATEL retreat and meet with ATELs to connect them with community partners. All of the current Athletics Liaisons are personally involved and committed to community engagement.

Considering Community Engagement?

Is your team looking for possible community engagement initiatives? Get seasoned advice from the athletics liaisons team: Devyn Gardner '16, George Ward '17, Hanna Krueger '17, and Virginia Hassell '16.

Have a Story to Share?

Does your team participate in an ongoing community engagement project? Are you planning an upcoming initiative, or did you just complete one? Let us share your story with the Amherst community. Athletics liaison George Ward '17 reguarly profiles athletes and their engagement stories.

Do You Want to Apply to Be an Athletics Liaision?

Click here to learn more and for the application webform.  



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