Center for Community Engagement

Amherst Regional Public Schools Athletic Partnership

Program Goals

The Amherst Regional Public Schools (ARPS) Athletic Partnership program facilitates connections between Amherst College students and athletic programs at ARPS. Amherst College will work with ARPS to identify their needs and then look for students who are able to assist in those areas or initiatives. We will increase the number of Amherst College students that are coaches and the number of sports clinics that take place.  

Learning Outcomes for Amherst College Students

  • Students will enhance their teaching skills.
  • Students will gain valuable interpersonal communication skills.
  • Students will get to know the Amherst community in a unique way.

How Do I Find Out More?

If you would like to learn more, please complete the following information on this webform. You can expect a reply from the ARPS Athletic Partnership Coordinator within three business days.  

What Can I Expect from Meeting with the Partnership Coordinator?

The ARPS Athletic Partnership Coordinator will work with you to develop a way to work with the ARPS athletes or teams.  The Coordinator will describe needs, explain expectations, connect you with coaches, and work on develop a plan of involvement that fits into your schedule.  The program is flexible.   

Partnership Success Story

Malena Gatti '14 turned her two day a week volunteer coaching position in 2012-13 into a full-time paid assistant coaching position with the Amherst Regional High School Swim Team during the 2013-14 season!

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