Center for Community Engagement

Athletics Team Engagement Leader Program

Portrait of Charlie Gill ’16 and Khushy Aggarwal ’16

The Athletics Team Engagement Leader (ATEL) Program began in January of 2013.  It is a component of the combined efforts of the Athletics Liaisons, the Center for Community Engagement, and the Athletics Department to create a sustainable culture of high-quality community engagement within Amherst Athletics.  Most of the varsity and club sports at Amherst have one student who is selected to serve as the ATEL.  That student leader works to organize their team's involvement in community engagement efforts.  

To learn more about the program, meet current ATELs, listen to two ATELs talk about their work, read a feature story about its January 2013 launch, and read an update about what current ATELs have been doing. Student-athletes may apply to the program here.

Participants in the Athletics Team Engagement Leader Program will:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of community engagement and partnerships in community engagement work
  • Learn about the ongoing collaborative efforts between Amherst and the community and brainstorm ways to enhance Athletic Department participation in this effort
  • Build skills to facilitate the role as an Athletics Team Engagement Leader
  • Collaborate with the team’s designated Athletics Liaison to coordinate team community engagement efforts

In return, participants will:

  • Make a difference in department culture and in the local community
  • Hold a valuable resume-building leadership position on his or her team
  • Form relationships with fellow team leaders, Athletic Department representatives, CCE staff, and the Athletics Liaisons
  • Participate in a free, overnight leadership retreat with food from local vendors, speakers, and workshops