Center for Community Engagement

Who are the ABC CELs?

 Julian Ricardo

Hi there! My name is Julian Ricardo. I'm a senior Physics-Spanish double major. I'm a Brooklynite through and through, having lived there my entire life. When at Amherst, besides my work with the ABC scholars, I work a couple of smaller jobs on campus. I decided to work as part of the ABC program because of the environment at the house and the relationships, academic and otherwise, that it helps to foster. Having worked at the ABC house for two years, one as a tutor and one as a CEL, I feel close bonds to the scholars, my fellow tutors, and the two Resident Directors there. I look forward to continue working with everyone involved and, as a CEL, to do my best to improve the program. After my time at Amherst, I hope to continue working in education, whether hands-on as a teacher or doing research in educational policy.

Gabriela Vieira

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We are the ABC CELs and if you have any questions about ABC at all, please feel free to send us an email.