Center for Community Engagement

Attendance Policy

The ABC program relies upon solid relationships built upon trust between tutors and scholars, and we believe that weekly visits to the house allow them to develop. In joining the program, each tutor makes a commitment not only to their fellow Amherst tutors, but more importantly to the scholars. 

That said, if for some reason tutors are unable to make it to the house, they should promptly get in touch with the CELs by email, or by cellphone if on short notice, and send a group email to all of the tutors to find someone to cover their shift.  

If you miss three shifts without notifying the CELs or have three unexcused absenses you will be asked to stop tutoring with ABC.


Group Email

All tutors are sent a sub-list email during the first week of tutoring.  Use this list to find a replacement tutor at least 48 hours before you tutoring shift.


Julian Ricardo: (646) 344-9149

Swathi Sivasubramanian: (508) 816-7988

ABC Resident Director

All tutors should keep the ABC House Resident Director's phone number in their cell phones.  Please contact the RD if there are any issues in the house.

Talib Sadiq: (413) 222-1120

CORI Checks

Everyone that tutors at the ABC House is required to get a CORI check done.  The CORI is good for 3 years!

CORI stands for Criminal Offender Record Information. The CORI check is done at Superintendent’s Office in the Amherst Middle School and occasionally in the CCE on campus. To complete it, you will need to fill out a form and show photo ID (passport or driver’s license). Keep in mind that the middle school closes at 3pm. The directions to the school can be found here.

ABC Tutor Contract

Please take a look at this contract to understand what we expect from all of our tutors.



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