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A Better Chance tutoring and mentoring gives committed Amherst College students the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the young, talented males from underserved and underfunded school districts a chance to do so. Every semester, tutors from the college  agree to a weekly visits to the ABC house in town to help them with homework and organizational skills, as well as mentor them about the college process and being responsible students. Along with the ABC Residential Directors and board members, tutors make up a crucial part of the strong support network created to ensure that the ABC scholars develop the confidence and knowledge needed to successfully complete high school, apply and attend college, and achieve longer-term goals that they envision for themselves.

Reasons to Tutor With ABC

  • You will meet and bond with a great group of high school boys
  • Two two-hour shifts a week
  •  Evening hours, from 7-9pm, and a second slot from 12-2pm on Sundays in Frost
  •  Tutoring slots open from Sunday to Thursday
  •  Tutors visit the house in groups of 4 to ensure that no scholar's question goes unanswered
  •  Teaching is often the best way to learn
  •  Meetings are only once a month
  •  At the end of each semester there is a dinner/party
  • The ABC House is only a short walk from campus

To apply to become an ABC tutor, fill out the Application Webform.



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