Center for Community Engagement

Returning Tutors

Please fill out the following webform to indicate you will return as a Connections tutor this semester. Also, please note that there are 10 sessions per semester, as of Fall 2013. We look forward to working with you again!

Contact information
Tutoring preferences:
You may select as many days as you feel comfortable tutoring.
Attendance policy

This program requires Amherst College tutors to be present at every session (8 per semester). It is vital that all tutors commit to at least one day per week. The students in the CONNECTIONs program look forward to their tutors coming each week, and strong attendance demonstrates our commitment to each child, and the program's mission. After more than one unexcused absence or two excused absences, Amherst College tutors will be asked to leave the program for the remainder of the semester. Excused absences include illness, job interviews, and exams conflicting with the time of the program.
In the event of an excused absence other than illness, instructors must contact Devyn Gardner at, more than 48 hours in advance
In the event of illness on the day of the shift, please contact your driver, Devyn Gardner, and the site coordinators as soon as possible.
Failure to follow these procedures more than once will result in dismissal from the program for the semester.

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