El Arco Iris Youth Advisor Attendance Policy - Fall 2013

The Arco Iris Program depends on Amherst youth advisors to be present and active. The participants and director of Arco expect us to show up on time each day. Therefore, it is important that each tutor makes a strong effort to commit to his/her schedule throughout the semester.

Each tutor is given 3 excused absences.  Excluding extenuating circumstances, after 3 absences, the tutor will be asked to leave the program.

If you cannot attend the program on a given day:

Email, call, or text that day's Shift Coordinator (not one of the CELs!) at least 24 hours in advance. Office Hours are not an acceptable reason to miss a day of Arco.

If you fail to inform your shift coordinator of an absence in a timely fashion despite having an excuse, it counts as an unexcused absence.