About Girls, Inc

Girls Incorporated is a national nonprofit, all-girls youth organization dedicated to "inspiring all girls to be STRONG, SMART, and BOLD." Girls Inc. of Holyoke centers provide after-school programs and educational opportunities for the girls and young women of Holyoke, MA. Currently, most of the girls in the program are from low-income families, often with limited opportunities.


The Holyoke chapter started when the local YWCA closed down a hundred years ago. In response,  a group of staff and volunteers established the Holyoke Girls Club in 1982.

The partnership between Girls Inc. and Amherst College began in the fall of 2003 when Marykate Baran Zukiewicz '04  organized a group of 5-6 Amherst college student volunteers. Tutors went to Girls Inc. once a week. The program has grown to over 52 tutors in the spring of 2014.  This long-term, mutually beneficial partnership is a model for collaboration and reciprocity. 


Girls Incorporated of Holyoke inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold by providing them the opportunity to develop and achieve their full potential.


At Girls Incorporated of Holyoke, our vision is one of an equitable society. We advocate for and provide an environment in which:

  • Girls value education as a means to achieve economic independence
  • Girls respect and care for themselves in mind, body and spirit
  • Girls think critically about their economic, social and political environment and actively work for positive change as leaders in their community.
  • Girls explore their creativity and self-expression in a setting that is supportive and non-threatening
  • Girls embrace all types of diversity within and outside their community

Tutor Job Descriptions

Tutors assist girls with their homework in order to improve their academic skills so they can be more confident and successful at school. We help the girls with their homework in such way that they can do similar problems by themselves; this means not feeding them with the answers right away, but actually building true understanding of the topic they are working on. We also act as mentors for the girls, setting examples for them in the possibilities of college education and future careers.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Establish mutual trust and respect
  • Maintain regular, dependable support
  • Make learning enjoyable and fun      


  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to encourage students and inspire trust
  • Respect for fellow tutors, girls, and staff members
  • Enthusiasm and energetic
  • Patient, flexible, persevering

Time Commitment

The program requires all tutors to commit at least one afternoon shift a week for one academic semester. They may choose the early shift,  3:00-6:00pm, or late shift, 3:45-6:30pm (travel times included). Two shifts go to Holyoke each week day.We encourage all tutors to go as often as their schedule permits in order to foster better relationships with the girls and the staff.

There will be at least two mandatory meetings; times and dates will be decided to best fit the schedule of all the tutors. At the beginning of the semester, we will have short orientations and trainings during these meetings. In the later half of the semester, we will have meetings to plan field trips and workshops for the girls, to debrief our sessions at Girls, Inc., and to work on any special projects as they come up.


  • Satisfaction gained by helping girls succeed in school
  • Make valuable friends within the organization
  • Valuable tutoring experience
  • Opportunity to work with younger girls

Contact Infomation of Girls Inc CELs

Joanna Mawhinney 2016

Thais Calderon 2017

Abigail Lemma 2016

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