Since Girls Inc. relies on Amherst tutors  to be present every day, it is vital that everyone commit to his/her schedule. Not only is attendance important to give the girls consistancy and provide a solid bond, but a lack of regular attendance affect the Girls Inc. program and its funding. Tutors who are signed up for one shift only have 12 shifts to commit to in the semester. The girls look forward to the tutors coming each week, so it's important that we are reliable and show that we are committed to each and every girl. 

In addition, we also have several mandatory events that occur during the semester (trainings, campus visit, etc.). Tutors are required to attend these events. 

If extenuating circumstances arise and prevent you from attending either your shift or mandatory event, you must follow the absence policy and contact the necessary people. If you miss a shift, we will ask you to make it up during the week. If you miss an event, you are required to have the information. You are allowed two absences. After the second, you will have to meet with the Girls Inc CELs who will determine whether or not you will be expelled from the program.

If you are sick and contagious, DO NOT GO to Girls Inc. Please follow the procedure for absences and the absence will not be counted as one of your two absences. Make sure you let us know. 

If you are going to miss a shift: 

  1. Email 24 hours in advance 
  2. Call or text the shift coordinator of your shift [tutors are responsible for obtaining this contact information.] Leave a message if there is no answer.