Amherst College Driver Credentialing

For information on driver credentialing, please go to the website below and see whether you are qualified to drive with the Five Colleges.

In order to register you need to go to this web site and fill out the online form below. It takes 1-2 days to get approved. Please see "Driving Directions" for more details. When are approved to drive by the Five Colleges, you will not get a confirmation e-mail, but assume you are able to drive. If you are not sure, please contact Campus Police and ask whether you are in their drive registration database:

"Unofficial" Directions to Girls, Inc.

  • Coming from Campus Police, make a left onto Route 9 and then a left onto 116 at the big intersection.
  • Stay on 116 for nearly the entire drive; go past Aikin's Farms, past Hampshire College, through South Hadley, past Mount Holyoke College.
  • PASS the right-hand road that says you can turn off onto a highway ramp to  Holyoke (it does go there, but it comes out on the other side of the city).
  • Make a right onto a little road called Bridge Street (at a light). 
  • You'll go across a big bridge, over a dam, and into Holyoke. 
  • Bear right at the end of the bridge (but not too soon... it's possible to make a sharp right into a deserted sort of parking lot next to the water, and that's not what you want to do. You should be making a right onto Canal Street).
  • Follow Canal Street to Appleton Street. Make a right onto Appleton and go about two blocks (you pass under a little bridge) before making a left onto Nick Cosmos Way.
  • The Girls, Inc. building is located at 52 Nick Cosmos Way next to the Boys&Girls Club

    It's a little red brick rectangular building on the left side of the street, across from a park with swings, a basketball court,and a colorful playscape. Drive a little past the building, take a left, and park in the small empty lot behind it.


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In Google Maps click "Get Directions" and type in Amherst College, Amherst, MA as your location A then press "Get Directions" to 52 Nick Cosmos Way, Holyoke, MA. 


It is every driver's responsibility to fill the gas tank if the tank is half full or less. You must fill the gas tank at the Sunoco Station on Route 9 East (down Route 9 away from Amherst, past the Cumberland Farms on the left.) Use the PIN on the back of your key to fill the tank. Please be sure that the total you sign for matches the total cost of the gas purchased. Any charge made outside of the Amherst account at this gas station will not be reimbursed by the Center for Community Engagement.

Driving Directions to Girls, Inc.

Girls, Inc. of Holyoke

1: Start out going WEST on QUADRANGLE toward JOHNSON CHAPEL RD.   0.0 mi
2: Turn RIGHT onto S PLEASANT ST/MA-116.  0.1 mi
3: Turn LEFT onto NORTHAMPTON RD/MA-116 S/MA-9 W. Continue to follow MA-9 W.  6.1 mi
4: Merge onto I-91 S via the ramp on the LEFT toward HOLYOKE/SPRINGFIELD.  10.2 mi
5: Take the US-202 exit, EXIT 16, toward S. HADLEY/WESTFIELD.  0.3 mi
6: Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the US-202 N ramp toward HOLYOKE CTR.  0.0 mi
7: Turn LEFT onto US-202/CHERRY ST.  0.5 mi
8: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto BEECH ST/US-202 N.  0.9 mi
9: Turn RIGHT onto CABOT ST.  0.4 mi
10: Turn LEFT onto NICK COSMOS WAY.  0.1 mi
11: End at 52 Nick Cosmos Way Holyoke, MA 01040-5218

Destination: 52 Nick Cosmos Way, Holyoke, MA 01040-5218
Total Time: 28 minutes
Total Distance: 18.60 miles