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Steps to Federal Work Study

If you receive financial aid, there’s a chance you’re eligible for Federal Work study for your Girls Inc tutoring hours through America Counts/America Reads. You will be required to attend at least one America Counts/America Reads tutor training throughout your tutoring-year with Girls Inc. There’s an option where you may convert loans to this reward, too. Contact the Financial Aid office to see if you are eligible and follow these steps to get paid:

1. Fill Out a Federal Work-Study Off-Campus Application

A copy of this contract can be found online or in the Financial Aid Office (downstairs Converse):

Helpful Information for This Application

Legal Name of Agency

Girl's Incorporated of Holyoke, Private Non-Profit agency

Mailing Address and Telephone Number

52 Nick Cosmos Way
Holyoke, MA 01040

Agency Officials

Kara Macken, Director of After-School Programs

Ashley Ewick, Elementary School Program Site Coordinator

Position Title


Job Description

(Example) Tutor girls age K-6 once weekly at Girls Inc of Holyoke's After-school program. Assist girls with homework, Links-To-Learning, and Girls Inc academic curriculum. 

Terms of Employment

Base your hours and Begin/End date on what you plan to commit this year. The pay should be $9.50/hr for 1st year tutors, $9.75 for 2nd and 3rd year tutors, and $10 for 4th year tutors. 

Match Provider

America Reads/America Counts

2. Set Up Your Individual Contract Meeting With Financial Aid 

Go to the Financial Aid Office (downstairs, B-5 Converse Hall) and set up an appointment to go over your Federal Work Study Off-Campus Contract with Nancy Robinson (do not email her directly).   You may also call (413) 542-2296 or email to set up this meeting. After you meet individually with Nancy, you will receive a contract number and bi-weekly timesheets to complete. If you are a returning tutor, simply fill out the contract - you won't need an individual appointment with Nancy.

3. Go to Girls Inc., Get Your Timesheet Signed

Every 2-week pay period, (these dates are listed on the back of every time sheet) you log your hours on your time sheets (hours spent tutoring + 30minutes of travel time). Each tutor will place his/her time-sheets to be signed in a designated “Timesheets” black box in the tutor area. Leah will sign these by the end of the week and seal them in a security envelope. Monday Shift Coordinators will retrieve the envelope and turn them into the inner office mail slot in Keefe Campus Center after their shift.

You can get your checks in your AC Box or direct deposit (talk to Financial Aid about this). Please contact the Financial Aid Office or Joanna ( with any questions.

Tutors are encouraged to make copies of all their time sheets for their own records.



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