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March 2015

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Sun, Mar 22, 2015

Attention Seniors: Potential Jobs at Girls Inc.

If you are at all intersted in continuing your work with Girls Inc. there are jobs available! Please contact your CELs for more information.

Girls Inc. Girls Learning to Golf

"On Saturday, March 31, the women’s golf team hosted seven girls from Girls, Inc. of Holyoke to teach golf skills and share the importance of learning new things and practicing hard." 

  Read all about their visit


Girls Inc. on Facebook

We now have a Facebook group! Come join to get updates about campus visits, training, meetings and more.  


"At Girls Inc., It's Always Spring"

Check out this uplifting article about the affect that tutors have on the girls at Girls Inc. Completely worth a read:

"At Girls Inc., It's Always Spring"

Not only do the weekly trips to Girls Inc. in Holyoke brighten a tutor's day but the visits have a lasting effect on the girls, allowing them to see the potential for a bright future.