Center for Community Engagement

Tutor Essentials

  • The girls look forward to you coming so make sure you are there!
  • Read the hand book
  • Dress appropriately
  •     No revealing clothes
  •     No flipflops
  • Shifts are at 3 and 3:45pm. Arrive five minutes early to campus police to make sure that the shift can leave on time.
  • If you are going to miss, EMAIL and CALL/TEXT your Shift Coordinator!
  • Do your best to teach the girls, if you don’ t know something ask for help.
  • The CELs (the heads of Girls Inc.) are always available for questions or concerns so call or email us.

                          Thais: 240-676-1009

                          Joanna: 617-599-8651

                          Abigail: 571-245-9725

                          Noraida: 347-205-5126

  • If you are a driver make sure you know where people in your shift are before leaving for Holyoke.
  • Get to know the other tutors and the staff.  You all want to help, so work together.
  • Have fun! 

Spring 2015 Girls Inc. Handbook

Questions? Check out the handbook