Center for Community Engagement

Vela Scholars Application

This application is only required for new tutors to the Vela Scholars.  Once completing this form, be sure to get a CORI check either by visiting Kim Stender in the CCE on Monday, September 9 from 12-3 or by visiting the middle school (directions can be found on the Vela Scholars homepage).

Contact information
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Tutoring preferences
Best days to tutor: *
You may select as many days as you feel comfortable tutoring.

This program requires Amherst College instructors to be present at every session. It is vital that all instructors commit to at least one day per week. The Middle School students look forward to their instructors coming each week, and strong attendance demonstrates our commitment to each child. The only legitimate excuse for absence is illness. Any instructors who misses more than two sessions in a semester will be asked to leave the program.

Other tutoring day options: *
We will do our best to accommodate everyone's schedules, but in the rare case that we are cannot do so, please indicate below any other days on which you are available to tutor.
Experience & Tutoring Contributions/Expectations
These questions are optional for returning tutors, required for new tutors.