Center for Community Engagement

SCEF Award Information


Congratulations on being awarded funding through the Student Community Engagement Fund. This website reviews several common SCEF expenditures  that will help you with your event and program, as well as secure the funding you have been awarded. Please review this page, and if you still have questions after looking at the resources here, please feel free to contact us at the CCE.


There are several options to order food for your event. You can order food from Amherst College Catering Services or from off-campus. In addition, you can also request to borrow the CCE's Big Y charge card for food purchases, such as drinks and snacks.

If you are planning on ordering from Amherst College's Catering Services, or any of the local businesses who accept Purchase Orders from the college, you will need to email the following information to Zoë Jacobs (zjacobs [at] amherst [dot] edu).

  • Date of the event
  • Number/Estimate of participants
  • Total price quoted by Catering Services or restaurant
  • Name of the restaurant (if not through Catering Services)

There are many businesses in and around Amherst who accept Purchase Orders from Amherst College. Some of those include Fresh Side, Pasta e Basta, Amherst Chinese, Panda East, Antonio's, Bueno y SanoSibies, and there are many more.

The Purchase Order has four different colored copies. The white copy (top copy) is for the restaurant to keep. You must return the other three copies with an itemized receipt to the CCE within one week after the event occurs.

Note:  If you are using a Purchase Order, we require a minimum of two business days to process your request.


You can pay for printing at OAS (the Office of Administrative Services) out of pocket and then submit for reimbursement from the CCE (instructions on how to fill out the Reimbursement Form are further down on this page), or you can request at time of printing that it be charged to the CCE.

For instructions on how to fill out a Work Order Form please visit the OAS website. Contact Zoë Jacobs for the account number to charge the order.

After placing your order, you must submit a copy of the Work Order to the CCE.

Reimbursement for Out of Pocket Expenses

If you pay out of pocket for any materials, food, or other expenses that SCEF has approved, then you must submit a Reimbursement Form and all receipts relevant to the expense. No reimbursement request will be processed without all of the supporting documents/receipts.

Use the following reimbursement form:

Reconciling your expenses

All accounts must be reconciled within two weeks of the event. Submit all receipts and documents to the CCE Front Desk Team as soon as possible in order for all reimbursements to be processed. Finally, please participate in the following questionnaire after your event has occurred.

If you have any other questions about the process, please feel free to contact Zoë Jacobs and make an appointment to review the process and steps.

Note: Failure to complete the survey and submit receipts for reimbursement within the two week period may result in probation for future funding.