Center for Community Engagement

Student Community Engagement Fund

The Student Community Engagement Fund (SCEF) is a source of funding that provides students funding and support for initiatives and programming that strengthens the culture of community engagement at Amherst College.

SCEF was founded on the belief that student-decided, student-reviewed, and student-run initiatives will increase the participation of students from the administrative as well as participatory levels in community engagement related activities. SCEF allows students familiar with community engagement projects to evaluate student-created projects and ideas and financially enable those endeavors on a discretionary basis.

Meet the SCEF Committee

SCEF is administered by a group of students, including at least one member from the Amherst Association of Students Budgetary Committee, and at least one member of the Amherst College Social Innovation Leadership Team.

  • Bryson Kacha '15
  • Juleon Robinson '15
  • Cheryl Lim '16

Apply for Funding

Students and student groups may apply for funding from the SCEF through the online web form. The SCEF committee meets every Monday at 7:00 p.m. in the CCE (Keefe Campus Center 102), recognizing the need for flexibility and availability of funding. In order to be considered for funding at a meeting, all applications must be submitted by Sunday at 5 p.m. (the day before meeting with the SCEF committee).