New Possibilites: Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century

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Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century

Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century will provide Five College students with the theoretical knowledge and skills they need to become effective environmental leaders. Over two and half weeks, we will examine several contemporary local and global environmental issues in depth. We will also explore the various methods of translating this knowledge into real-world environmental activism.

The course will feature visits from Gus Speth and Sylvia Hood Washington, as well as organizers from all around the country. We will discuss major environmental issues including climate change, water, pollution, and toxics. We will also discuss the local, national, and international environmental movements working towards solutions.

The course will also feature environmental leadership trainings. These trainings will focus on the keys to becoming an effective local or national environmental activist.

The course runs from January 5-19. Sessions will take place throughout each day, Monday - Friday. The course is open to Five College Students, regardless of major or graduation year. There is no charge.  The course schedule and bios for the speakers are now available online.


Environmental Leadership in the 21st Century is a collaboration between the Center for Community Engagement and the Environmental Studies Department at Amherst College. The course is  sponsored by the Henry David Thoreau Foundation.