The past year’s approach to evaluation was driven by the need to collect formative assessment data to guide program design and baseline data to gauge CCE impact in the future. We conducted evaluations of each major program (Summer Internships, Winternship, Urban Education Internship, Community Engagement Orientation Trip, and CE Leader Program) and we have consciously shifted the focus of these evaluations to student reports of activities, learning, skill development, and impact on educational and career choices. We also surveyed community agencies in order to find out more about how these organizations work with AmherstCollege student volunteers. Our largest single data collection effort was a needs assessment survey sent to all first year students, sophomores and juniors.  In addition, we conducted several studies to understand and improve our operations. A description of our evaluation activities for the 2007-2008 academic year can be found here.

Please contact Ethan Kolek, Director of Evaluation and Associate Director of Institutional Research with questions about evaluation activities.

Summary of Assessment and Evaluation Activities 2007-2008

Student Participation in CCE Activities 2007-2008Summer Internship Experiences EvaluationPersonal Interviews of Pipeline Interns' Experiences in Summer ProgramSurvey of Orientation Trip Participants and LeadersFollow-up Survey of Trip Participants (Conducted Spring 2008)Winternship EvaluationUrban Education EvaluationCCE Leaders EvaluationsNeeds Assessment survey of all First Year Students, Sophomores, and JuniorsNeeds Assessment survey of all First Year Students, Sophomores, and Juniors

Community Engagement Fair Evaluations

Small Program Evaluations

El Arco Iris Evaluation of Tutors

Mentoring 101 Workshop Evaluation

Effective Tutoring Workshop Evaluation

Working with Students from Diverse Backgrounds

Motivating Students