Community Engagement Orientation Trip

The Community Engagement Orientation Trip (CEOT) is a 2.5 day overnight trip for students during orientation. The trip is a fun, challenging, and intensive introduction to the communities in and around Amherst.

Over the course of 2.5 days, students are immersed in local communities as they are introduced to the people and organizations of the Pioneer Valley. Students on CEOT meet fellow new students and trip leaders who share common interests and passions. They begin to develop the knowledge and tools to integrate community service, activism, or social justice work into their four years at Amherst. 

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Community Engagement Orientation Trip Outcomes

Outcome #1     Students will build community with other students, faculty, and staff. 

Outcome #2     Students will develop a more in depth understanding of community engagement work and their responsibilities as contributing members of their community.

Outcome #3     Students will explore ways to develop their own academic trajectories and stretch their intellectual boundaries.

Trip Participant Information

If CEOT is your LEAP program, then kindly fill out this form.

Learn more about CEOT from some of the community members, trip leaders, and participants who have been involved with the trip in this introductory video.

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