You can check in here for updates and important information about the trip. 

Packing Checklist

Here is our suggested packing list.  If you do not have an item on the list, do not let that prevent you from participating in CEOT. We can provide everything that you may need -- from sleeping bags to water bottles.  Find out exactly what we suggest you pack for the trip by downloading the 


All meals on CEOT are provided. We will accommodate any and all dietary restrictions, so be sure to let us know your restrictions. 

What to Expect

CEOT is designed to introduce you to new communities and foster lasting relationships. Each day features workshops, activities, and discussions related to community engagement in the Pioneer Valley. You'll have a chance to learn about local issues, speak with community members and leaders, meaningfully connect with your peers, explore the area, and begin to discern how you might like to engage during your years at Amherst.  We will sleep at local churches and take field trips to sites accross the Valley.

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Center for Community Engagement. We would be happy to speak with you.

(413) 542-5140 (phone)
(413) 542-2159 (fax) (email)