The CCE provides funding to students who are enrolled at the college for projects and ideas that are inclusive, collaborative and supported by research (your own and/or others).  Funding is available through the Prehn-Lewis'91 Student Experiential Learning Fund and the generosity of other alumni donors.

Project requirements:

Projects may be rooted in and across any field or discipline, but all will have the same basic components:

  • Responds to a need or opportunity that can be documented or demonstrated
  • Recognizes and meaningfully engages partners and collaborators
  • Outlines a concrete, realistic and actionable plan
  • Articulates clearly defined intention and outcome(s)
  • Includes opportunities for assessment and reflection

Funding application process:

All applications for funding will be considered and will be reviewed on a monthly basis during the fall and spring semesters. Funding decisions will be made on the last Friday of the month (September-November and February-April). Applications must be submitted by the 21st of each month in order to be considered with that month's submissions.

  • Requests for funding under $1000 will be reviewed by CCE professional staff members.
  • For projects with larger budgets, students are welcome to apply, but must meet with a CCE professional staff member to discuss their funding strategy.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the resources available through the CCE’s Idea Accelerator as they design their project and prepare to apply for funding. Utilizing these resources will improve applicants’ chances of producing a strong proposal.

Application steps:

Please note:

The CCE does NOT provide funding to students for:

  • Events
  • Food
  • T-shirts and other giveaways