Health Care Transportation

Approximately 3.6 million Americans miss or delay medical care because they lack appropriate transportation to their appointments. How might we improve access to transportation options for individuals traveling to health care appointments?

 Community Partnerships with the Arts

The needs and ideas of residents sometimes go unsolicited or unheard during public planning processes, and artists can be underutilized assets in the development of interventions. How might artists work in partnership with communities to develop strategies or interventions to address community-identified needs or goals?

 Storytelling for Social Change

Individual stories powerfully communicate the underlying complexities of larger social movements and histories, but sharing those stories raise interesting logistical and ethical challenges. How might we capture and distribute stories to create social change?

2017 Program Timeline

Design Thinking Challenge teams will participate in an immersive development workshop during Interterm 2017, and will prototype their interventions in Spring 2017. All team members must commit to full participation in this program in order to be considered.

Interterm schedule: 1-4pm, weekdays from January 9-20

Spring schedule: Mix of scheduled and independent team project work from January 23 – March 31

**Students will be compensated during the Spring semester at the rate of $12/hr for up to four hours per week.**