A student writing on a board

The Idea Accelerator supports students who are interested in exploring an idea or developing and implementing a project by providing structured experiences designed to bolster student enthusiasm and help them move their ideas from concept to reality.

What We Support

  • Early stage ideas and concepts
  • Moving ideas into action
  • Furthering development of a project or idea initiated in a course
  • Projects undertaken by student groups
  • Independent student projects
  • Projects related to thesis work/capstone projects

What We Have to Offer

  • Advising for early stage ideas
  • Mentoring for moving ideas into action
  • Resources and technical support for project implementation
  • Online toolkit with resources to support the development of ideas and projects
  • Cross-campus workshops and trainings to cultivate skills and habits of mind
  • Funding
  • Connections with campus and community resources
  • Opportunities to connect with other students, faculty, and staff with similar interests

Benefits of Support

  • Cultivating skills and habits of mind in order to successfully develop and implement ideas and projects
  • Developing your own network
  • Raising the profile/awareness of student initiated ideas and projects on campus
  • Articulating your unique skills, capacities, and experiences to others - potential partners, employers, etc.
  • Students will document their project in a format that will allow them to share it with others - video, blog/website, portfolio, written report, etc.

Project requirements:

Projects may be rooted in and across any field or discipline, but all will have the same basic components:

  • Responds to a need or opportunity that can be documented or demonstrated
  • Recognizes and meaningfully engages partners and collaborators
  • Outlines a concrete, realistic and actionable plan
  • Articulates clearly defined intention and outcome(s)
  • Includes opportunities for assessment and reflection