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August 30, Sunday. New student orientation begins; first-year residences open at 9 a.m.

September 3, Thursday. Residences open for upper-class students at 9 a.m. (Keys at Campus Police.)

September 7, Monday. Opening Convocation.

September 8, Tuesday. Fall semester classes begin.

September 17, Thursday. Last day to add/drop courses for fall semester.

October 10-12, Saturday-Monday. Midsemester break.  Residence halls and dining hall remain open.

October 13, Tuesday. Monday classes will be held.

October 21, Wednesday. Midsemester grades due in Registrar’s Office.

October 23, Friday.  Last day for Class of 2016E to take comprehensive exams.

October 23-25, Friday-Sunday. Homecoming.

October 27, Tuesday. Last day for first-year students and first-semester transfer students to obtain permission to withdraw from a course without penalty.

November 1, Sunday. Deadline for students to apply for spring 2017 withdrawal, readmission, and off-campus housing.

November 2-6, Monday-Friday. Advising Week.

November 6-8, Friday-Sunday.  Family Weekend.

November 9-13, Monday-Friday.  Preregistration for spring semester.

November 21-29, Saturday-Sunday. Thanksgiving vacation.  Dining Hall opens for breakfast on Nov. 29.

December 14, Monday.  2016E Senior honors theses and recommendations for honors due in Registrar’s Office. 

December 15, Tuesday. Last day of fall semester classes.  Deadline for Class of  2018E to declare major at Registrar’s Office.

December 16-18, Wednesday, 2 p.m.-Friday.  Reading/Study period.

December 18-22, Friday, 2 p.m.-Tuesday. Fall semester examination period.

December 22, Tuesday. Dining hall closes after dinner.

December 23, Wednesday. Residence halls close at 5 p.m.


January 3, Sunday.  Residences reopen at 9 a.m. 

January 4, Monday.  Fall semester grades due on ACData.

January 4-22, Monday-Wednesday.  Interterm.   Dining hall reopens with breakfast on Jan. 5.

January 8, Friday. Students leaving campus for spring semester must vacate residences by 5 p.m.

January 15, Friday. Students returning to campus after absence may access housing at 9 a.m.

January 19, Tuesday. Spring semester classes begin at the University of Massachusetts and Mount Holyoke College.

January 20, Wednesday. Spring semester classes begin at Hampshire College.

January 25, Monday. Spring semester classes begin at Amherst College and Smith College.

February 3, Wednesday. Last day to add/drop courses for spring semester.

March 11, Friday.  Last day for graduating seniors to take comprehensive exams.  Last day for first-year and first-semester transfer students to obtain permission to withdraw from a course without penalty.  Mid-term grades due.  Dining hall closes after dinner.

March 12-20, Saturday-Sunday. Spring recess.

March 15, Tuesday. Deadline for students to submit applications for room draw and 2016-17 off-campus housing;  deadline to submit fall 2016 study abroad, educational leave, withdrawal and readmission, and special program proposals. 

March 28-April 1, Monday-Friday. Advising Week.

April 4-8, Monday-Friday.  Preregistration for fall semester.

April 12-14 , Tuesday-Thursday. Room Draw.

April 13, Wednesday. Deadline for students to submit spring 2017 study abroad and other educational leave requests.

April 25, Monday. Deadline for upperclass students to apply to renew financial aid.

April 30, Saturday. Deadline for students to submit Commencement/Reunion housing applications.

May 5, Thursday. Senior honors theses due in Registrar’s Office at 4 p.m.  Honors recommendations and grades due in Registrar’s  Office.  College meeting.

May 6, Friday. Last day of spring semester classes.   Deadline for Class of 2017 to declare major.  Senior Assembly.   Deadline for RCs to post summer storage hours.

May 7-9, Saturday-Sunday. Reading/Study Period.

May 10-14, Monday-Friday noon.  Spring semester examination period.  Last meal for undergraduates will be dinner on May 14.

May 15, Saturday. Residences close for non-graduating students at 5 p.m.

May 16, Monday.  Senior grades due at 9 a.m.

May 18, Wednesday. Grades due for non-seniors at 4 p.m.

May 22, Sunday. Commencement.  Residences close for graduates at 5 p.m.

May 25-29, Wednesday-Sunday. Alumni Holiday and Reunion.

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