Senior Administration

Biddy Martin, President of the College.  B.A. (1973) The College of William and Mary; M.A. (1974) Middlebury College; Ph.D. (1985) University of Wisconsin at Madison; A.M. (hon. 2011) Amherst College; L.H.D. (2012) The College of William and Mary; LL.D. (2014) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Catherine Epstein, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, Title IX Deputy Coordinator for Faculty.  A.B. (1985) Brown University; M.Sc. (1987) London School of Economics; Ph.D. (1998) Harvard University; A.M. (hon. 2012) Amherst College.


James D. Brassord, Chief of Campus Operations, Facilities.   B.S. (1982) University of Connecticut; M.S. (1985) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; M.B.A. (1993) University of Connecticut.  

Elizabeth Cannon Smith, Chief Advancement Officer. A.B. (1984) Amherst College.

Sandy Genelius, Chief Communications Officer.  B.A. (2009) New York University.

David L. Hamilton, Chief Information Officer. B.A. (1991) College of Wooster.

Allen Hart, Interim Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.  A.B. (1982) Amherst College; A.M. (1989), Ph.D. (1991) Harvard University. 

Liz Agosto, Interim Chief Student Affairs Officer and Dean of Students. A.B. (2001) Dartmouth College; M.A. (2005) Fordham University.  

Matthew L. McGann, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid. B.S. (2001) Massachusetts Institute of Technology; M.Ed. (2012) Northeastern University; Ed.D. (2017) Northeastern University.

Lisa Rutherford, Chief Policy Officer and General Counsel.  B.A. (1989) Hamline University; J.D. (1993) University of Wisconsin Law School at Madison.

Bett Schumacher, Chief of Staff/Secretary of the Board of Trustees. B.A. (1996) University of Pennsylvania; M.A. (1998) Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D. (2005) Johns Hopkins University.

Kevin C. Weinman, Chief Financial and Administrative Officer.  B.B.A. (1993) University of Notre Dame; M.B.A. (1999) University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; M.A. (2005) University of Colorado at Colorado Springs; Ph.D. (2017) University of New Hampshire.


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Admission & Financial Aid

Admission & Financial Aid