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About Amherst College


Educational Leaves


The College recognizes the educational and personal rewards that many students receive from a semester or two away from the campus. Many departments, especially language departments, strongly encourage or require that students majoring in their department study in a foreign country. To be eligible for study away, students must have declared a major. Students may study away for up to two semesters. This may occur in the second semester of their sophomore year or during the junior year; students interested in studying away at different times must consult with their class dean.

To receive credit and financial aid for study away, students must attend an approved study abroad or domestic study program and take a minimum of the equivalent of 15 U.S. semester credits of liberal arts courses. Transfer credit is only awarded for grades C or better. Courses must be approved by the Registrar and by the academic adviser(s) for credit in the major. Students who have been suspended from their studies for an academic or disciplinary infraction may not participate in study away. A full description of eligibility for study away, academic policies for credit and financial aid transfer, and deadlines are available at https://www.amherst.edu/mm/67034.

Selected students may participate in Independent Study projects under guidance from an instructor at Amherst College without enrollment at host institutions and may pursue their studies elsewhere in the United States or abroad. Consult with your academic adviser if you are interested in an independent study project.


Exchange programs

The American University of Beirut Exchange

Amherst has a bilateral exchange agreement with The American University of Beirut whereby Amherst students, typically in their junior year, may spend a semester in Beirut and, in return, Amherst will host a student from The American University of Beirut. More information about the exchange can be found on the website of the Office of Global Education, https://www.amherst.edu/mm/67034.

Doshisha University Fall Exchange

Each year Amherst sends three undergraduate students to Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan to spend the fall semester as visiting students and take language and area studies classes alongside Japanese and other international students. This  opportunity adds to the many ways in which the college partners with Doshisha. Information about the college’s programs and history with Doshisha University can be obtained from Professor Samuel Morse and the website of the Office of Global Education, https://www.amherst.edu/mm/67034.

Göttingen Exchange

Amherst maintains a student exchange program with Göttingen University in Germany. Each year, upon application to the Department of German, two Amherst students are selected to attend Göttingen University. In return, Amherst accepts two Göttingen students to study at the College and to serve as Language Assistants in the German Department. Details about the exchange programs may be obtained from the Department of German website at https://www.amherst.edu/mm/54445.

Underwood International College, Yonsei University Exchange

Amherst has a bilateral undergraduate exchange program with Underwood International College, a liberal arts college at Yonsei University. Students may spend a semester or year on exchange at South Korea’s top private institution. More information about this exchange program is available on the website of the Office of Global Education, https://www.amherst.edu/mm/67034.

Yale-NUS College Exchange

Amherst has a bilateral undergraduate exchange program with Yale-NUS College, a liberal arts college founded in 2012 by Yale University and the National University of Singapore. Students may spend a semester or year studying at Yale-NUS College in Singapore during their junior year and, in return, Amherst hosts students from Yale-NUS College. More information about this exchange program is available on the website of the Office of Global Education, https://www.amherst.edu/mm/67034.

The Twelve College Exchange

The College has special exchange arrangements with Bowdoin, Connecticut, Dartmouth, Mount Holyoke, Smith, Trinity, Vassar, Wellesley, and Wheaton Colleges, and Wesleyan University, which together form the Twelve College Exchange Program. This arrangement allows students who wish to take advantage of special programs not available at Amherst or who wish to experience a similar, but different, college environment to do so. Further information about the Twelve College Exchange program is available at the website of the Office of Global Education, https://www.amherst.edu/mm/67034.


The Williams College—Mystic Seaport Program in American Maritime Studies

This interdisciplinary program is available to undergraduate participants through the Twelve College Exchange program. Its purpose is to provide students the opportunity to focus one semester of their studies on our complex relationship with the sea. Further information is available on the program website http://mystic.williams.edu/.

Engineering Exchange Program with Dartmouth

Introduction. The engineering exchange (or dual degree) program with Dartmouth is an arrangement under which eligible Amherst College students may attend Dartmouth College for a year to take engineering science courses (chosen to be eligible for credit at Amherst College), leading ultimately to both an A.B. from Amherst and a B.E. from Dartmouth in five years. A student spends the first two years at Amherst, followed by a junior year at Dartmouth for engineering science coursework. The student returns to Amherst for senior year and graduates from Amherst with an A.B. in an Amherst College major. The student then has the option to return to Dartmouth for an additional year to complete a B.E. degree. Applications to the program are due each year on February 1 of the sophomore year to spend junior year at Dartmouth.

Requirements: Students must have completed the prerequisite courses to apply and must follow Amherst college policies regarding withdrawals and course load. Courses at Dartmouth must be pre-approved by the Amherst College Registrar, in consultation with the program advisor, Professor William Loinaz. Students must receive a minimum grade of “C” in the Dartmouth courses to receive Amherst College credit.

Prerequisite courses:

  1. Calculus through vector calculus (MATH 111, 121, and 211)
  2. Two semesters of introductory physics (PHYS 123 and 124 preferred, PHYS 116 and 117 accepted)
  3. One semester of introductory chemistry
  4. One semester of introductory computer science

Courses at Dartmouth:

Students spend three quarters at Dartmouth and typically take three courses each quarter (it is permitted to take only two courses in one of the three terms).  Students must take a minimum of 30 U.S. semester credits in total for the three terms. A typical schedule will include three common core engineering courses, 1-2 distributive core engineering courses, 1-2 gateway engineering courses, and 3 courses in the humanities or social sciences. The Amherst College Registrar may consult with the Dean of the Faculty or Amherst College departments to confirm whether a course could qualify for credit at Amherst based on a criterion that the course is consistent with the liberal arts. Final approval is at the discretion of the Registrar.

The National Theater Institute

Through the Twelve College Exchange program, students may participate in this theater intensive program based in Waterford, Connecticut for one semester. Further information is available on the program website: http://www.nationaltheaterinstitute.org/.


The Associated Kyoto Program

The Associated Kyoto Program, sponsored by Amherst and 15 other institutions, is hosted by Doshisha University in Kyoto, Japan. It emphasizes direct and intensive contact with the Japanese and aims to develop an understanding of Japan’s culture, history, language, and contemporary society. Students may study for a single semester of full academic year. Applicants from member institutions receive priority in admissions. Information can be found online at www.associatedkyotoprogram.org.

CASA Consortium

Amherst College is an associate member of the CASA consortium, which offers study abroad programs for students to “engage with leading academics and thought-leaders around the world.” Students interested in CASA programs should contact the Office of Global Education to learn which CASA centers are approved for study away.

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