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Sigma Xi, the National Honorary Scientific Research Society, was founded in 1886, and the Amherst Chapter was installed March 23, 1950. As one of its pur­poses, the Society gives recognition of those students, members of the Faculty, research associates and alumni who have demonstrated ability to carry on con­structive scientific research or who show definite promise of research ability. Other functions are the maintenance of companionship among investigators in the various fields of science, the holding of meetings for the discussion of scien­tific subjects and the fostering of an interest in scientific research in the College.

Undergraduates who show definite promise of research ability are typically recommended to associate membership by the departments concerned.

President: Professor Kristen Gardner

Secretary-Treasurer: Professor Ashley R. Carter

Full Members

Professor Kinuyo Kanamaru

Professor Aarathi Prasad

Associate Members

Ashwin Balaji

Hilary Bediako

Elisa Bello

David Michael Brinkley

Sara Jinee Buck

Kimberly Moyan Burnett

Peter Jaeho Cho

Rachel Olivia Cohen

Carlos A. Cosme, Jr.

Erika Rose DeAngelis

Ursula des Bordes

Miriam Elizabeth Eickhoff

Alexander R. Einarsson

Nicholas Faturos

Katherine Sueyeun Finnerty

Emily Grace Flaherty

Jane Marie Fraley

Julia Alexia Gajewski-Nemes

Angelika Genya Hirsch

Augusta Bennett Hollers

Laboni Hoque

Dominique Rose Iaccarino

Rebecca Jordan

Namita Khajanchi

Jenny Kim

Kelly Kim

Leah Jungwan Kim

Julie Minkyung Kim

Caroline Grace MacGillivray

David Edgar Merkel

Timothy Oduro Offei-Addo

Emily Yae-Eun Park

Andrés Pascual-Leone

Julia Katarina Pfatteicher

Lauren Taylor Reppert

Gabby Ro

Jordan Alexander Rubenstein

Che Pablo Saunders-Shultz

Rachel M. Seifert

Margaret Grace Shea

Cole Rockwell Stephens

Ellie Thieu

Jamie Tucker-Foltz

Caroline Yao

Elorm Yevudza

Erik Jiawei Zhang

Robert J. Zielinski

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