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Henry Ward Beecher Lectureship. Established in 1904 by Frank L. Babbott 1878 in honor of Henry Ward Beecher, class of 1834. The incumbent is appointed biennially by the faculty for supplementary lectures in the departments of history and the political, social and economic sciences.

Campaign Fund for Academic Programs and Interdisciplinary Teaching. Established in 1997, during The Amherst College Campaign, this fund in part supports the speakers' series, outside lectures for classes and the Writing Center.

Copeland Colloquium Fund. Established in 1971 by Professor Morris A. Copeland '17 and his wife. The Colloquium supports visiting fellows who remain in residence at Amherst and pursue their own diverse interests while engaging themselves in various ways with faculty and students.

Croxton Lecture Fund. Established in 1988 by William M. Croxton '36 in mem­ory of his parents, Ruth L. and Hugh W. Croxton. Income from this endowed fund is used to bring to campus well-known guest speakers who focus on topi­cal issues.

Samuel B. Cummings Lectureship Fund. Established in 1997 by bequest of Samuel B. Cummings, this fund is to be used for an annual or biannual lecture in one of the academic fields of anthropology, archeology, psychology and/or sociology.

Benjamin DeMott Memorial Fund. The Benjamin DeMott Memorial Fund was established in 2005 by Alan P. Levenstein, class of 1956, and other Amherst College alumni, friends and family members. Income from this fund shall be used to provide funding for the Benjamin DeMott Memorial Lecture at Am­herst College, which will take place annually as part of the Orientation of all first-year students. The DeMott Lecturer shall be a person who, like Professor DeMott, represents an engagement with the world marked by originality of thought coupled with direct social action, with special emphasis on intellectual participation in issues of social and economic inequality, racial and gender bias and political activism.

Dwyer Lectures Fund, inspired by Harvard's Norton Lectures, brings high-profile authors and artists to speak to the Amherst community. Preference is given to living poets and prose fiction writers whose work addresses imaginative literature as a path to spiritual fulfillment. Secondary preference is given to a broad diversity of authors and artists whose creative work engages the deeper meaning of the human experience, or to distinguished scholars of appropriate authors. The Dwyer Lectures were established through a generous bequest from Michael W. Dwyer, class of 1966.

George P. Eastman 1884 Fund for Music and Lectures. The George P. Eastman 1884 Fund for Music and Lectures was established in 1906 by Frank L. Babbott, class of 1878, and William R. Mead, class of 1867. The income from this fund should be used for either music or lectures.

Lucius Root Eastman 1895 Fund. Established in 1947 by Eva Eastman, widow of Lucius Root Eastman, class of 1895, in memory of her husband. The objectives of the fund are: "To enlarge the horizons of knowledge of the students; to stim­ulate the growth of leadership and personality possibilities in the student body; to emphasize the ethical responsibilities of every adult to society; to increase the recognition of the interdependence of persons and peoples, and therefore of the need to foster and improve the understanding of human relationships."

Joseph Epstein Lecture Fund in Philosophy. Established in 1987 by members of the Department of Philosophy to sponsor philosophical talks and discussions at Amherst. The fund honors Professor Joseph Epstein, who for 35 years taught Amherst students philosophy, especially logic, philosophy of science, and American pragmatism.

Vadim Filatov, M.D., 1986 Memorial Lecture Fund. The Vadim Filatov, M.D., 1986 Memorial Lecture Fund, established in 2004 by the Filatov family, Dmitry Dinces '86, and other Amherst classmates and friends of Vadim Filatov, is a permanently en­dowed fund at Amherst College providing support for the Amherst Center for Russian Culture. Income from this fund will be expended at the discretion of the Dean of the Faculty and the Director of the Amherst Center for Russian Culture to underwrite an annual memorial lecture in honor of Vadim Filatov, M.D., class of 1986.

Clyde Fitch Fund. Established in 1911 by Captain and Mrs. W. G. Fitch of New York in memory of their son, Clyde Fitch, class of 1886. This fund is used for the furtherance of the study of English Literature and Dramatic Literature, some part of which is devoted to the remuneration of an eminent lecturer, who may also take part in the regular instruction of the College.

Forry and Micken Fund in Philosophy and Science. Established in 1984 by Carol Micken and John I. Forry '66 to promote the study of philosophical issues arising out of new developments in the sciences, including mathematics, and issues in the philosophy and history of science.

John Whitney Hall Lecture Fund. Established in 1994 by Betty Bolce Hall to honor her husband. Income is used to initiate and maintain the John Whitney Hall '39 Lecture Series on Japan. Professor Hall became an authority on premier Japanese history, training graduate students who entered academic, business and governmental fields relating to Japan. For more than 30 years, he worked to develop Japanese studies in American colleges and universities.

Hugh Hawkins Lecture Fund. Established in 2010 by an anonymous donor, this fund supports the annual Hugh Hawkins Lecture at Amherst.

Charles H. Houston Forum on Law and Social Justice. Established in 1978 by The Field Foundation, Gorham L. Cross, Jr. '52 and others to honor Charles H. Houston 1915. Houston was the Dean of the Howard Law School and special counsel to the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). The purpose of this fund is to pay homage to the memory of Houston; to focus society's attention upon and to analyze a contemporary problem central to the relationships between the law and a just society; and to honor a person whose life and work best exemplifies the ideals of Houston in the achievement of a just society.

Victor S. Johnson Lectureship Fund. Established in 1965 in memory of Victor S. John­son (1882-1943) for the purpose of "bringing to the campus each year a stimulating individual worthy of the lectureship's purpose of serving the best tradition of the liberal arts and individual freedom."

Corliss Lamont Lectureship for a Peaceful World. Established in 1982 by Corl­iss Lamont P'57, this fund supports lecturers who may provide insight into the analytical or operational problems of lessening friction among nations.

Max and Etta Lazerowitz Lectureship. Established in 1985 by the late Profes­sor Morris Lazerowitz of Smith College to honor his parents, this fund provides for the annual appointment of the Lazerowitz Lecturer, who is a member of the Amherst College faculty below the rank of full professor.

Georges Lurcy Lecture Series. Established in 1982 and endowed in 2018 by the Georges Lurcy Char­itable and Educational Trust, this lectureship was given to the College to bring distinguished lecturers to Amherst to speak on topics relating to countries other than the United States and provide international perspectives and reflect diverse cultures.

Dr. Everett H. Pryde Fund. Established in 1985 by Phyllis W. Pryde in honor of her late husband Everett H. Pryde '39 to bring to the College distinguished visit­ing scientists to lecture on selected topics in the field of chemical research and to fund the Everett H. Pryde Research Award, given annually to an Amherst senior.

Rapaport Lectureship in Contemporary Art Fund. The Brooke Kamin Rapaport '84 Lectureship in Contemporary Art Fund, established in 1999, provides support for an annual lecture on some aspect of contemporary art. The goal of the Rapaport Lecture­ship is to increase awareness and appreciation of contemporary art among stu­dents and in the community.

Dr. Raymond A. Raskin Fund. The Dr. Raymond A. Raskin Fund, established in 2003 by Amherst Professor Lisa A. Raskin and her brother, Jonathan Raskin, M.D., is a permanently endowed fund at Amherst College. The Raskin family has established this fund in honor of their father, a clinician in and teacher of psychoanalysis for over 50 years. Income from this fund is used to support an annual lecture in the area of psychoanaly­sis from an interdisciplinary point of view.

John Woodruff Simpson Lectureship. Established in memory of John Wood­ruff Simpson, class of 1871, by his wife and daughter, to fund fellowships and "to secure from time to time, from England, France or elsewhere, scholars for the purpose of delivering lectures or courses of instruction at Amherst College."

Tagliabue Fund. Established in 1991 by Paul and Chandler Tagliabue to honor their son Andrew, who graduated in 1991. The fund supports the Asian Lan­guages and Civilizations Department at Amherst College and funds lectures by social scientists on Asian issues.

F. King Turgeon Memorial Fund. Established in 1988 in memory of F. King Turgeon, Emeritus Professor of French. Income from this fund can be used to support occasional lectures by visitors selected by the Department of French.

Willis D. Wood 1894 Fund. Established in memory of Willis D. Wood, class of 1894, to fund visiting scholars and lecturers to "talk with students and faculty about differ­ent aspects of the spiritual life."

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