Bioscience Symposium 2013 Audio and Photos


The 2013 Bioscience Symposium Speakers. See more photos at Flickr.


George W. Carmany, III, ’62, an investor in health care in Boston, former chairman of Tufts Medical Center and member of the Advisory Committee on Education at Harvard Medical School, opens the symposium. Dr. Gerald Fink, ’62,  professor of genetics at MIT and founding member of the Whitehead Institute, discusses current developments in “personalized medicine.”

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Dr. Paula Rauch ’77, a college trustee, maintains a child psychiatry practice at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. In “Supporting a Child's Resilience: One Career in Child Psychiatry,” Dr. Rauch discusses the treatment of children whose parents suffer from serious illnesses. She also shares her thoughts on how a career in medicine can evolve along with the physician.

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Dr. Rajiv D. Desai ’84, the director of the Neuroscience Institute at the Maine Medical Center, discusses the development of his career and his clinical interests in “The evolution of the patient physician relationship.” Dr. Desai also addresses the evolving relationship between patients and physicians and how technology plays an increasing role in the provision of care.

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Dr. Kimberlee Wyche-Etheridge ’87, the medical services director for Family, Youth and Infant Care for the City of Nashville, discusses the manner in which environmental factors influence the long-term health and well-being of disadvantaged populations.

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Dr. Fink and George Daley discuss the relative merits of the M.D. track versus the M.D./PhD. track.

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Dr. George Q. Daley discusses “Stem Cells: battles, breakthroughs, myths and medicines." Dr. Daley is a nationally distinguished stem cell research scientist and an investigator for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He and Dr. Rauch are members of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School. Dr. Daley addresses the current state of stem cell research, touching on both the promise and disappointments that arise while working in the field.

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