Center for Humanistic Inquiry

Located at the heart of campus in Frost Library, the Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI) provides space and resources for Amherst faculty and departments to engage a broad vision of the role humanistic thinking can play in scholarly and public life. Each year we invite several fellows into residency at the Center to conduct research and collaborate with each other under the rubric of a resonant theme. The Center also hosts performances, forums, exhibitions, digital interventions, conferences, and workshops designed to foster humanities inquiry.

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2019-20 Research Seminars

AmStuds The CHI supports seminars for humanities-oriented research at Amherst. Seminars include between four and fifteen participants and meet regularly throughout the school year. Activities include sponsored events, speakers, presenting or workshopping a seminar member’s research, reading groups, and the like. Research Seminars for 2019-20 involve over 50 faculty and staff members and include such topics as Feminist Thought, Currents in American Studies, Black Girlhood, Freedom of Speech, The Stranger and the City, Emily Dickinson and Home, Religion and the Environment, the Premodern, and Exile.

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Thinking Like a Humanist, In Any Context

DVH portrait

The new director of Amherst's Center for Humanistic Inquiry sees similarities between humanities research and music performance.

“You can’t understand a big, complicated question from just one disciplinary perspective. The collaboration of disciplines makes a decisive difference in the way that we understand..."

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