Wed, Sep 30, 2020

Arts of Address book cover

CHI Salon: "Arts of Address": A Book Talk with Monique Roelofs

Raphael Sigal will lead a conversation with Monique Roelofs to discuss her new book Arts of Address: Being Alive to Language and the World (Columbia UP, 2020). Join us in celebration!

Modes of address are forms of signification that we direct at living beings, things, and places, and they at us and at each other. Seeing is a form of address. So are speaking, singing, and painting. Initiating or responding to such calls, we participate in encounters with the world. In readings of writers and artists ranging from Julio Cortázar to Jamaica Kincaid and from Martha Rosler to Pope.L, Roelofs demonstrates the centrality of address to freedom and a critical political aesthetics. Hume, Kant, and Foucault enter into conversation with Fanon and Anzaldúa. Drawing on a wide array of artistic and theoretical sources and challenging disciplinary boundaries, the book illuminates address’s significance to cultural existence and to our reflexive aesthetic engagement in it.

Monique Roelofs is Karl Loewenstein Fellow and visiting professor of political science at Amherst College and professor of philosophy at Hampshire College. Raphael Sigal is assistant professor of French at Amherst College.

Reception to follow.