The Center for Humanistic Inquiry invites scholars from across the disciplines for full-time, residential appointments as CHI Fellows. 

CHI Fellows conduct intensive, collaborative research under the rubric of a resonant theme. Each fellow also holds an appointment in a department and teaches one course during their residency. 

CHI Fellows for 2021-2023

The CHI welcomes a new Visiting Scholar

Annais Cisco headshot
Anaiis Cisco is a visiting scholar at Amherst for 2021-22 and is assistant professor in film and media studies at Smith College

Sponsored by the New England Humanities Consortium's Faculty of Color Working Group, Filmmaker Anaiis Cisco joins the college for 2021-22

Anaiis Cisco is a filmmaker and assistant professor of moving image production in film and media studies at Smith College. She received a Masters of Fine Arts in cinema from San Francisco State University, where she was awarded a 2018 Princess Grace Award (Louis D. Srybnik Film Award) for her graduate thesis film, Drip Like Coffee. Cisco teaches digital video production courses as she develops media that explores the emotional and internal journeys of Black characters, confronting intimate moments of violence and trauma in diverse story worlds. Her research fellowship at Amherst is part of a new program administered by the New England Humanities Consortium's Faculty of Color Working Group (FOCWG) and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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In Conversation with the CHI Fellows

The CHI Fellows discuss what led them to work on the scholarship of race

The CHI Fellows are researchers-in-residence hosted by the Center for Humanistic Inquiry (CHI) at Amherst College. In this video, a gesture of welcome to all the first-year students, the CHI Fellows discuss their research projects, their career trajectories, and what fascinates them about the scholarship of race.