The Center for Humanistic Inquiry is located in the Aliki Perroti & Seth Frank Lyceum building. It serves as a workspace and venue for humanities-related research and activities on campus. We have two spaces that are available to faculty and staff by reservation for humanities programming: The CHI Think Tank and the Seminar Room

CHI Think Tank

The Think Tank is our main space. It is a multi-functional space that can be used for nearly anything, but is most ideal for events and gatherings such as lectures, panel discussions, book talks, receptions, symposiums and small conferences, presentations, concerts, faculty retreats, and film screenings. The room is designed to allow for flexibility with lay-out and crowd sizes. When not reserved, the space is open to all faculty and staff to use as a quiet retreat and workspace.

Please note that there are offices located within the space, so it may not be suitable for major events or meetings requiring confidentiality occurring during normal work hours. 

CHI Seminar Room

The Seminar Room is a smaller space than the Think Tank and functions as both a classroom and a conference room. It is a private space and is most ideal for meetings, workshops, and trainings, but it is nearly as versitile as the Think Tank and can be used for smaller talks, panel discussions, and presentations that don't necessitate a formal space. Similar to the Think Tank, the room is easy to manipulate, allowing for flexibility with the lay-out of the space.