Reinstating the National Draft

Submitted by Stephanie N. Brown


Friday, April 4th

2:30-3:00pm (Friedmann Room) Registration/snack

3:00-3:10pm (Friedmann Room) Introduction of Professor Andrew Bacevich by Faculty Co-coordinator Gordon Levin

3:10-5:00pm (Friedmann Room) Bacevich lecture 1 "The History of the All-Volunteer Force"

Saturday, April 5th

7:30-8am (Keefe Campus Center Room 207) Breakfast provided/Sign-in

8-8:10am  (Friedmann Room) Introduction of General Wesley Clark by Faculty Co-coordinator Gordon Levin

8:10-10am (Friedmann Room) Clark Lecture 1 "Military Policy Since 9/11"

10-10:30 am (Keefe Campus Center Room 207) break/snack

10:30-12pm (Friedmann Room) Bacevich + Clark lecture 2 "Policy Alternatives"

12-1pm (Lewis Sebring) Lunch provided

1-2:30pm (Johnson Chapel) Open Forum "The All Volunteer Force vs. the National Draft" followed by Q&A and book signing.