Amherst College will further enrich students' experiences this year by offering the Amherst College Colloquium Series. ACCS features renowned speakers taking divergent positions, speaking on prominent social, political and global issues. Each colloquium includes two days of lectures with the speakers and culminates in an open-forum that is free and open to the general public.

The Amherst College Colloquium Series will explore pressing societal concerns in depth. Our aim and challenge will be to avoid confrontational showdowns. We seek to develop programs grounded in scholarship that will map out areas of agreement and divergence among the best minds of our generation. ACCS will cover a broad range of topics and address issues that have captured students' attention. It is our hope that the colloquia will promote the active engagement and collaboration among the broadest possible range of students and faculty.

Space is limited, so for those interested in participating in the lecture portion of the ACCS colloquia, early registration is suggested.

To register click on the 'register' link to the left and submit the form. If there is no 'register' link' then registration is not currently available.