The Copeland Colloquium offers small groupsof scholars, artists and performers the opportunity to explore a common theme in residence at Amherst College in colloquy with each other, Amherst faculty members and Amherst students. Read more about the Copeland Colloquia in the Program Description.

Copeland Theme for 2014-2015 will be “The Future of Translation: A Global Multimedia Conversation”



Catastrophe and the Catastrophic

 The 2013-2014 Copeland Colloquium will explore the social, cultural, and historical meaning of catastrophe and examine the role and representation of catastrophe in religion, the visual arts, literature, law, and politics, as well as understandings of catastrophe that emerge in the natural and physical sciences and in the study of the environment. The colloquium will include a year-long seminar series titled “Permanent Catastrophe?”  Guest speakers from academic institutions from across the country have been invited to explore the question of whether ours indeed is an era of permanent catastrophe and, if so, what are the consequences of this condition?

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